2010 Hall of Fame: Joe Metzger – Wealth of Knowledge

Joe Metzger, president of Metzgers Printing + Mailing.

Joe Metzger and wife Dana flank their oldest son, John, following his high school graduation.

At left, the braintrust behind Metzgers: brothers Tom and Joe Metzger.

“Joe is one of those people who will always sit and listen when we approach him with ideas and concepts,” notes Greg Wymore, graphic communications solutions manager for Xerox. “Doesn’t mean he’ll always implement it, but Joe does his homework, analyzes opportunities and wants to know if it’s something worth doing. And, I don’t know of many folks who would take a portion of their facility and dedicate it to the education of other people.”

Equally as impressive is Metzger’s desire to educate himself. He is an ardent reader of industry publications and newsletters, constantly scanning every source possible for news and information on subjects with the potential to impact Metzger’s firm.

Some of his biggest influences include RIT Professor Emeritus and wandering print gypsy Frank Romano, and industry association economists Ronnie Davis and Andy Paparozzi. He has also attended industry trade shows on an annual basis since 1982.

Metzger goes “ShamWow” on every drop of information available to the print community, and it shows in the success the company has enjoyed and its high regard within the industry. For the past seven years, he’s been a member of the Printing Industries of America Silver Pen peer group, sharing ideas, success stories and failures with like-minded owners.

“I never know exactly what I’m going to be doing each day, and I love having the flexibility of being able to dive in where needed,” notes Metzger, who quarterbacks the company along with his brother, Tom. “I love being in front of customers, fixing their problems. I feel that the success of our company, many times, centers on how we respond to the problem. That helps us keep that account.”

The youngest of five kids born to Norb and Patt Metzger, Joe had the benefit of coming from a graphic arts family. He vividly recalls the 1976 dinner conversation when his father announced he was leaving his job to start a typesetting company (dubbed Type House). Young Joe would handle various tasks at the shop, from sweeping up to taking out the trash. His responsibilities increased with age and, when school was cancelled because of snow, Joe Metzger headed for Type House where he worked alongside older brothers, Tom and Dick.

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