Jersey Guys Out to Beat the Odds with Print Magazine for Garden State Men

PENNSAUKEN, NJ—Dec. 10, 2010—Three South Jersey men—a former Philadelphia Eagle, a veteran journalist and a well-known printer—have launched a new regional publication, JerseyMan Magazine, which began appearing in homes in the Garden State this week. Publisher Ken Dunek concedes there are critics of a print launch in this economic environment.

“Some say print is dying, but we are surrounded by a sea of print products and advertising and we believe our niche—serving Jersey men—will keep us afloat while we build a communications brand that establishes us beyond print,” said Dunek, a tight end with the Philadelphia Eagles during their 1980 Super Bowl year.

JerseyMan Magazine’s editor, Lou Antosh, said the publication will serve a pent-up demand for information primarily shaped for men who have established their careers and lifestyles. “We’ve taken a cue from the cable television channels which produce wildly-popular real-life shows like Deadliest Catch, Pawn Stars, Mythbusters and Modern Marvels,” said Antosh. “Men of all backgrounds flock to such topics.”

The men said they envision a brand-wide series of information products—including podcasts and TV offerings—to serve the unique interests and information needs of men in New Jersey. The magazine can be seen in PDF format on its Website at

JerseyMan Magazine partner Joe LaGrossa, co-owner of McKella280, a Pennsauken-based printing firm, said the magazine initially will appear bi-monthly and evolve into a monthly as it builds brand awareness and loyalty. “Our test issue received very positive reviews,” he said.

The 56-page inaugural issue includes articles about competitive eaters; a feature on Philadelphia Eagles’ broadcaster Merrill Reese; how area police decide when to issue speeding tickets; the dearth of pawn shops in New Jersey (there are only 35); a report on possible mating problems in the blue crab population; tips on purchasing cigars; and advice from Dunek on how to play blackjack (he was a professional blackjack player).


    joe. good luck with the magazine. it sounds like a viable idea. jerry pont,
    (formally of harrison color), ny, ny