Bits and Pieces: Lotto Hit Aids Small Printer

Valerie Mason, who owns a small printing operation on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, won $10,000 in the Aug. 7 Powerball drawing.

There’s good news for a printer located on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, courtesy of the Powerball lottery. While she came just one number away from capturing a nine-figure jackpot, Valerie Mason won’t brood about her $10,000 windfall.

Mason, a resident of Ocracoke Island who owns a commercial printing company, matched four of the five numbers—as well as the Powerball number—in the Aug. 7 drawing. There were three grand prize winners, two in New Jersey and another in Minnesota, who will divvy up $448 million. One of the New Jersey winners was a group of 16 co-workers.

Incredibly, Mason plunked down just $2 total when she bought it at Ocracoke Station. When she collected her winnings, she revealed what plans she had for her modest windfall: She will reinvest the money in her printing company.

While $10K won’t get you much in terms of high-impact equipment, a payday like that can mean the world to a small print shop owner. Even if it’s just a downpayment or enough to bring in tabletop gear or binding equipment, the competitive edge it provides—particularly to a small shop—is immeasurable. Congratulations, Valerie, and good luck with your investment.

Slow News Day: There’s just no pleasing some folk. Prior to the Internet age, people would grouse about certain news not being included in the newspaper—a physical item with a finite amount of space.

Fast forward to today. Check out the comments section of a Yahoo! news article, and there’s bound to be a gripe or two about the news value of the story. Yes, even though we have enough bandwidth to blog about our daily dietary intake, there are still some people who will become offended because they wasted their time reading a story about, say, a two-headed fish. We call these people trolls.

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