InsideUp Launches Lead Generation Platform

SAN DIEGO, CA—February 23, 2009—InsideUp today announced the commercial launch of its dynamic lead generation platform for business services. InsideUp’s online platform integrates a next generation business matching platform with interactive new media tools and vibrant, category-specific communities designed to assist small businesses in searching, interacting with and requesting quotes from business services vendors. Business service vendors in turn use InsideUp to educate prospects, participate in quote requests and leverage InsideUp’s proprietary lead generation technology to source high quality, category specific, ready-to-buy leads.

According to Visa International, small businesses spend $1.7 trillion a year purchasing business services. InsideUp estimates business services vendors spend an estimated $2.1 billion annually marketing their services to small businesses.

For business services marketers, InsideUp’s full service approach automates a complex integrated marketing campaign process by providing marketers with a single source to educate prospects with industry-specific educational wikis, profile prospects as they interact online, and bid on ready-to-buy leads that are of greatest value to their business. InsideUp’s value-centric, integrated approach allows business service marketers and sales teams to inform, interact with and respond to business services seekers more effectively with the goal of establishing value, trust and long term business relationships.

Leads generated from InsideUp are profiled using its propriety lead scoring technology and include critical, industry-specific prospect information that gives sales representatives an advantage in converting the prospect into a closed sale. Service providers, like commercial printers, are finding InsideUp’s lead generation solution to be a more cost-effective, highly targeted way to generate a pipeline of qualified printing sales leads that are easier to convert to sales than leads that come from more traditional marketing tactics like tradeshows and direct mail.

“InsideUp has built a very impressive lead generation solution well suited for printing companies looking for high quality leads,” said Scott Booth with Neyenesch Printers. “We see value in their category-specific approach and lead scoring technology, and anticipate higher conversion rates and an improved cost per acquisition.”

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