InnerWorkings Signs Major Print Procurement Contract

CHICAGO—Sept. 8, 2011—InnerWorkings Inc., a leading provider of global print management and promotional solutions, announced a BPO (business process outsourcing) enterprise agreement with one of America’s largest non-profit organizations.

InnerWorkings expects to save the organization at least 15 percent on its materials and labor costs for print and print-related products and services, including commercial print and direct mail campaigns. Within the direct mail category alone, the organization distributes over one hundred million pieces each year. Approximately 15 InnerWorkings’ employees will be located on-site.

“Most charitable organizations utilize substantial amounts of printed materials, and the savings InnerWorkings generates can be directly reinvested into additional fundraising efforts.” said Eric Belcher, CEO of InnerWorkings. “We intend to introduce our solution and track record to other non-profits seeking to make the best use of their resources.”

“Our robust platform is designed to meet the needs of large and complex organizations,” said David Freundlich, president, eastern region at InnerWorkings. “We are looking forward to working with this non-profit as a partner for many years to come. Finally, I want to congratulate our team for their hard work in developing and customizing an outsourced print management solution for this organization.”

About InnerWorkings
InnerWorkings Inc. (Nasdaq: INWK) is a leading provider of global print management and promotional solutions to corporate clients across a wide range of industries. With proprietary technology, an extensive supplier network and deep domain expertise, the Company procures, manages and delivers printed materials and promotional products as part of a comprehensive outsourced enterprise solution. The company also owns and operates the online business printing site, InnerWorkings is based in Chicago with 35 offices in North America, South America and Europe.

Source: InnerWorkings.

  • Stan

    "one of America’s largest non-profit organizations"… Which one?

  • Give Me a break

    Sounds like a lot of hype with NO CLIENT named and words like expect to save. I would warn organizations to not committ to this type of agreement unless a savings is guaranteed. Funny it is announced just before Graph Expo.

    I wonder what type of guarantees as to ROI and min. fund rasing $ etc. ?

  • Mike

    Wonder who the poor naive customer is

  • Kirk

    Go Innerworkings! If the jealous comments are any indication, you are on the right track.

  • Mr Bill

    Sounds like Kirk is a iw employee

  • wrong choice

    OMG…not sure who the poor client is – this company (IW) is not known or should I say not very well liked in this print industry, trust me when I say you do NOT want this company in your shop