Ink Isn’t Just Ink . . .

A 24-year veteran with Crown, Kadolph says he’s grateful to work for a company whose management “understands the value in their employees’ expertise.” And when it comes to working with ink, who has more experience than the guy running the presses day after day?

“Some purchasing agents make their decisions based on price. They look at price as the biggest issue, yet they fail to realize that a few dollars spent on quality repays itself over and over again,” adds Kadolph, who emphasizes that getting the lowest price might mean the printer pays more in the long run.

“I want jobs to go through quick and easy with the least amount of problems,” he explains. “That’s where we make our money. If we can run one extra job each day because I have less problems troubleshooting, I’m going to make a heck of a lot more money than by saving a couple of dollars on each set of ink.

“We do a lot of ad agency work, and they buy printing all over town,” he continues. “Ad agencies are very selective. To compete, we have to produce quality work. Plus, we’re not a high-volume printer, so it’s critical to have a good quality ink.

“When the ink is sitting and spinning on the rollers, the water is attacking,” Kadolph explains. “With some inks, as soon as you get a little bit of water in there, it makes the ink unstable, you lose trap and everything goes sideways. You have to use a good product—an ink that is easy to run, that stands right up, that resists scuffing and dries quickly. Using a consistent, quality ink makes all the difference in the world. That’s why I rely on Van Son.”

Keystone: Service Plus
At Keystone Printed Specialties, a folding carton and label printer located in Jessup, PA, General Manager Randy Gilson believes quality “is a given,” along with good delivery and a competitive price.

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