InfoPrint Solutions and Rosetta Technologies Increase Check Quality and Efficiency for TPSi’s Rapidly Growing Customer Base

BOULDER, CO—June 21, 2010—InfoPrint Solutions Co., a joint venture between IBM and Ricoh, today announced that TPSi, a provider of computer output management and distribution services, has chosen the InfoPrint Pro 1357 MICR printer to meet the increasing demand from their customers to deliver unique, Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)-enabled documents. This new printer from InfoPrint Solutions offers customers such as TPSi secure MICR capabilities via its valued technology partner Rosetta Technologies.

TPSi provides royalty and refund checks, particularly for the oil and gas industries as well as financial and health institutions. As demand for more advanced output increased, TPSi sought new solutions to better meet their customers’ needs. Previously, the company was using workgroup printers for their check printing but the high volumes of output began to exceed their capabilities, stressing the equipment and preventing customers from maximizing the quality of their print jobs. The MICR toner was smearing, paper was jamming and other operational issues were occurring as a result of the increased demand in capabilities and volume.

TPSi selected the InfoPrint Pro 1357 MICR to alleviate these issues and provide more accurate print quality, a more streamlined print operation and superior MICR capabilities from Rosetta.

TPSi has also deployed InfoPrint Solutions’ market-leading InfoPrint ProcessDirector output management system, an important workflow that prevents process interruptions and inefficiencies. By implementing this workflow, TPSi increased automation across multiple sites while ensuring higher productivity. One of the most important benefits TPSi has seen from InfoPrint ProcessDirector is the ability to search documents and automatically reprint when needed without interrupting the job, drastically reducing downtime and enabling a more automated process.

“This latest next generation offering from InfoPrint Solutions provides us with the traditional features of high volume machines such as improved quality and increased efficiency, but at a much lower cost,” said Fadel Iskander, Vice President & Co-Founder, TPSi. “With the InfoPrint Pro 1357 MICR, we are now able to meet all of our customers’ deadlines – sometimes even several days in advance – to their great satisfaction.”

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