Info Aplenty at GATF/NAPL Sheetfed Conference

Robert Hu, president of Menlo Park, CA’s A&a Printers and Lithographers, is living Romano’s projection that “the World Wide Web is a transactional enabler for print.” In his breakout session, Hu explained how his 25-employee printing company has been leveraging some proprietary software to improve customer service and production via the Web, saying he has the long-term objective of “simply being an icon on client’s terminals.” A&a has invested more than seven years in programming for this Internet interface. Three printers thus far have licensed his software.

The Internet not only connects printers to clients, but also connects printers to suppliers. According to Hu, his paper merchant uses the Web to look up A&a’s production schedule for the next day and delivers the necessary stock at six the next morning to accomplish the just-in-time cycle.

In another session, Bill Vancelette, former executive vice president with Didde and current consultant, and Bob Diehl, new COO of Memphis, TN’s Master Graphics, role-played a humorous press negotiation purchase.

In addition to requesting a user’s list, Diehl suggested “asking about the last installation that went sour. How was it resolved? How could it have been diverted? What are the characteristics of a great installation?”


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