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Industry Vet Seeking an Opportunity —Cagle

November 2006

THE B&P mailbag has been overflowing with cards and letters from kind readers who write to tell me how much they enjoy the feature. So I figured I’d grab the first letter I found and share it with you.

OK, so I’m a rotten liar. Bits and Pieces barely nudged out the masthead in a recent reader poll. They used to let me write the calendar of events, but the editors felt it lacked pizazz. Put yourself into it, they said.

And now, I’m saddled with this feature, and getting no love from it. No one calls, no one writes...not even insults. And I like a good putdown. Nothing else says that you matter quite like carefully crafted and insightful criticism designed to shatter your self-esteem and destroy your feelings. And if other people laugh at you in the process, all the better.

Here’s the less-than-glorious truth. While cleaning my desk one day, I found an action item that hadn’t seen any action, so I figured I’d turn to you, gentle readers, for a little help. George from Ohio is seeking employment. It’s his real first name, but that’s all we’re revealing. Here’s his story:

“During my career, I have been extremely successful at managing production on-time and on-budget, as well as implementing new technologies and process improvements that resulted in significant cost savings and the creation of new market opportunities,” he wrote. “Currently, I am seeking an opportunity to use my training and experience in print production and management to the benefit of a northeastern company.”

George prefers to work in northeastern Ohio, but doesn’t want to limit his opportunities. He has 25 years of experience in print production and 13 years of managerial know-how. He boasts an RIT education and spent 20 years with a major player on the manufacturing side.

Among his skills listed are scheduling, client service, production project management, process improvement, research and development, and field technical support.

If you have any interest in finding out more about George, drop me a line at and I will send along his resumé. I don’t know the man personally—perform due diligence (as if you’d take my word, anyway)—but he seems like good people.

Consider it this magazine’s attempt to wage war against the perception that skilled employees are hard to find.


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