In Remembrance: Douglas M. Laidlaw Sr.

Doug Laidlaw Sr., one of the humble giants of the printing industry, passed away on Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011. Mr. Laidlaw was a founder of four printing companies, three of which—L.A. Lithograph, Interweb and Metroweb—were sold to publicly-traded companies and the fourth—Creative Web Systems—to private investors.

Mr. Laidlaw served as a board member of Printing Industries of America, PIA-Southern California, National Assn. of Printers and Lithographers, Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, and Web Offset Association. He also served terms as President of PIA-Southern California and the Web Offset Association.

In addition to being inducted into NAPL’s Soderstrom Society, PIA’s Ash Khan Society and GATF’s Society of Fellows, Mr. Laidlaw was a recipient of PIA’s 1990 Lewis Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award and PIA-Southern California’s 1976 Ben Franklin Award.