IGH Solutions Adds Lenticular Feature to Personalized Direct Mail

INVER GROVE HEIGHTS, MN—Oct. 7, 2010—IGH Solutions, Inc. a subsidiary of Taylor, is introducing an innovative, new Personalized Direct Motion Mail product that allows lenticular technology to be applied to direct mail without sacrificing customization.

“Never before have marketers been able to deliver this type of dynamic graphics that includes variable data personalization and lenticular animation—two techniques that have been proven to deliver higher response rates,” says Dan Hirsch, product manager for IGH Solutions, Inc. “Now we can incorporate eye-catching motion effects combined with a level of personalization that wasn’t possible before to produce lenticular cards in large-scale quantities, which is ideal for direct marketers.”

Lenticular is the combination of two or more images viewed with a special lens to create a desired animated effect. Images are interlaced or combined and then placed under a specially designed lens. Due to the optics of the lens, your eye is forced to see only a very small area of the image at a certain viewing angle. As you or the printed piece moves, the viewing angle changes and the lens reveals other areas of the image, achieving the transformation effect. Today, lenticular technology includes effects such as flip, morph, zoom, 3D and a combination of effects.

“Experience shows that lenticular graphics are a great way to cut through clutter and create immediate brand awareness,” continues Hirsch. “Now imagine the power of a promotion where each piece is personalized with the recipient’s name inserted as part of the lenticular motion effect; where names appear and disappear, spin, fly or dissolve, all as a part of the creative concept to capture the recipient’s attention and boost response rates.”

IGH Solutions’ exclusive Personalized Direct Motion Mail product offers a one-of-a-kind personalized direct marketing experience, making it easier for marketers to connect with consumers, increase brand recognition and achiever higher response rates.