Hybrid Software Shows Order Lifecycle Print Management Products at GRAPH EXPO

Hybrid Software will also demonstrate its new Taskforce Scheduler, a highly configurable scheduling system for prepress and graphics production that integrates with MIS and ERP systems to download a feed of jobs and due dates. It then maps available resources to insure that the jobs are produced on time with the available manpower and equipment.

GRAPH EXPO is also the venue of the first North American demonstration of Proofscope Live, an online tool for remote softproofing and, uniquely, remote file corrections and last-minute changes.

Hybrid Software announces new partnerships
Hybrid Software will be supporting the use of their print management technologies as front end systems for two major digital engine vendors, OKI Data Americas (booth #2844) and Xeikon (booth #2238). The systems provide full production management for digital printers including order management, production ticketing, graphics management, production output, archiving and reporting.

Complete OLM product line on display
In addition, Hybrid will also demonstrate all of the other pieces from its complete OLM product line:

  • Facelift is a Web-based custom job ticketing and automation application providing transparent integration between otherwise disparate production workflow systems, MIS/ERP systems, third-party Websites, external databases and other sources of digitally-held data. Facelift can act as an intermediary tool to quickly and seamlessly map data, while providing a customizable interface for production operators. It offers CSRs (and customers) total transparency of what is happening to a job, between the initial order and its delivery. Users can create their own templates to encompass every stage of the order’s lifecycle, regardless of the printing process or product being produced.
  • Frontdesk is a Web-to-print portal offering a user-friendly and optimized interface between printers and their customers. With Facelift, customers are given powerful file upload and download services, plus comprehensive job interaction from on-line ordering through all stages of tracking, proofing and approvals to delivery of the completed work. Optional components include Proofscope, which provides integrated softproofing and annotation via its powerful HTML 5 architecture, and Proofscope Live.
  • Fileforce connects multiple production or print sites within an enterprise, allowing print providers to benefit from the enormous efficiencies that can be obtained by load balancing and file sharing between sites. Fileforce does not require a centralized file server or DAM system, but instead works in conjunction with local file servers at each location.

“While there are many effective premedia, MIS, planning, accounting and administration systems available, the challenge printers face is making them work well together,” explains Mike Rottenborn, president and CEO at Hybrid Software. “It requires mapping data between the systems. Even if they are JDF-ready, it is still a tedious job. Hybrid Software offers printers an affordable, flexible and extremely powerful solution for integrating and streamlining the entire production process. Rather than requiring an IT department to build the links between these islands, Hybrid Software provides solutions that not only make it much easier to build communications between the systems, but to assure that new systems in the future can be easily introduced. All of our products operate via Web browser technology and provide vendor-independent solutions for Order Lifecycle Management, based on industry standards such as JDF/JMF and SQL.”

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