Heidelberg USA Widens Scope of Demo Center

Recent visitors to the North American Printing and Packaging Technology Center had these additional comments:

“Coming here to the Heidelberg Technology Center I can see all of Heidelberg’s products and supplies, spend more time on equipment I want to see and have an ample amount of time to speak with a Heidelberg technician,” said Brian Overholt, Supervisor, Muncie Novelty. “The techs you speak with here are the people that actually run and service the equipment. It’s more of a hands-on atmosphere with no pressure to rush through. Everyone should take full advantage of this excellent learning opportunity.”

“These days, time spent out of the office has to be time well spent. There was a lot to take in during my visit, so much that I’m planning another trip so I can dive deeper into some of Heidelberg’s offerings,” said Jim Dobrzynski, Sr., president, Crossmark Graphics. “Heidelberg’s Business Consulting team presented the results of an audit for a customer who has a similar business model, and I was blown away by their results and intrigued by what we could achieve by implementing a process customized for us.”

The Technology Center is open to customers, vendors, educational institutions, and industry associations for meetings, conferences and other needs.

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