Heidelberg Solutions Boost Efficiency of Latest Installation Sites

Most impressive to Allen and his team is the automatic top loading capability of the new platesetter, which provides fully automated plate loading and slip sheet removal that permits mostly unattended operation of the unit.

Executive Press has a longstanding commitment to green printing. Accordingly, the company has converted to soy-based inks and prints on post-consumer waste recycled or FSC-certified paper, unless otherwise specified. The company has implemented proven systems in its production area to reduce energy usage while recycling all paper and aluminum plates used in the printing process.

The new Suprasetter contributes to this effort with its own set of environmental credentials. Consuming 0.7 kilowatts per hour, the Suprasetter A75 platesetter draws around five times less power and generates around five times less waste heat than comparable models from other manufacturers.

“Heidelberg equipment is simply the best there is, and its service technicians are well-trained, knowledgeable and persistent,” Allen said. “There’s none better.”

Approaching a quarter-century in business, $2.5 million Executive Press currently employs a staff of 12, and serves real estate and building clients and a variety of associations doing business in North Texas.

Florida Trade Graphics Serves Up Improved Print Quality with Suprasetter 105

Florida Trade Graphics, providing printing and binding services exclusively to trade printers and bona fide print brokers nationwide, reports the installation of a Suprasetter 105 computer-to-plate device with workflow from Heidelberg. Since the new platesetter began imaging Heidelberg Saphira Chemfree plates for the company’s six-color Speedmaster CD 102, President and CEO Dennis McNaney says the organization takes pride in improved print quality across the board. “Customers have noticed,” McNaney reports. He adds that from the company’s point of view, Heidelberg’s prepress workflow is “second to none.”

Elsewhere in the shop, Florida Trade Graphics operates a 45” Polar guillotine and a new Stahlfolder TH 82 with VSA stacker, which replaced two aging, competitive folders. According to McNaney, the 25-year-old company is on track to achieve a 25 percent growth in sales this year. The firm employs a staff of 35 in Pompano Beach, FL.

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