Heidelberg to Demonstrate Game-Changing Press Technology

· Intellistart software, a process-oriented navigation system, which significantly boosts Speedmaster productivity and provides a competitive advantage. While the current job is running, Intellistart records the operating parameters and compares them to the requirements for the next job. Any necessary changes required are recommended to the operator, who can direct the system to apply the changes automatically, or confirm the changeover sequences using the wizard-guided user interface. The new operating platform makes it easy for operators to keep track of the entire printing process, including the activation/deactivation of printing, dampening, inking, and coating units. It is also possible to preset the printing speed, record OK sheets and waste, control sheet travel and regulate dryer settings as well as the volumes of blast and air suction.

· A high-definition LCD Wallscreen, which gives users a complete overview of all press processes, including color measurement results, a transparent cross-section of the Speedmaster with a dynamic simulation of all of its functions, and a display of the print sheet with ink zones in their actual width. It also functions as a print approval tool.

The Prinect Press Center is also a streamlined interface to the JDF-integrated Prinect workflow, as well as a variety of widely available print Management Information Systems. Operators can retrieve complete job and production data, adopt presetting data, and initiate printing processes at any time. Production reports are always up-to-date, as the Prinect Press Center provides the MIS and Prinect Pressroom Manager with continuous production data.

Speedmaster 52 Anicolor
The Speedmaster SM 52’s revolutionary zoneless Anicolor inking unit is the small business printer’s answer to shrinking print runs. Dramatically shorter setups mean users can print more high-quality jobs each day at lower cost and 100% offset quality thanks to consistent inking. The savings are significant:

· Up to 40 percent shorter makeready times thanks to fast job changes.
· Up to 25 percent greater press capacity for more jobs each year.

· Up to 90 percent less waste for much lower costs.

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