Heart Attack Claims Popular INX Digital Executive

SAN LEANDRO, CA—August 27, 2009—The world of digital printing today is shocked and saddened by the news that Bradley S. (Brad) Kisner, President of INX Digital International Co., passed away suddenly last Saturday, August 22, after suffering a heart attack while visiting family in Santa Cruz, CA. He was 47.

Kisner’s name was synonymous with Triangle inks, from the founding of Triangle Digital LLC with his brother Ken, in 2002 through its evolution as a major component of INX Digital’s multifaceted offerings. Kisner not only spearheaded the global growth of Triangle but in the process, he, Ken and their co-workers also elevated the term “third-party inks” to new, higher levels of quality, ink technology leadership and respect.

“All of us throughout the INX family extend heartfelt condolences to Brad’s immediate family and his brother Ken, along with his co-workers at Triangle facilities everywhere,” said Rick Clendenning, INX International President and CEO. “Brad was a dear friend, colleague and business partner who will be sorely missed more than words can describe. The industry has lost a great friend as well as a dynamic leader who worked tirelessly to advance digital printing worldwide.”

Perhaps Kisner’s greatest impact, however, was at home, both personally and professionally.

“Family was always more important to Brad than anything – first and foremost, his wife Jeanne and their three children, Kelsey, Jake and Haley,” observed Ken Kisner, INX Digital’s Sr. VP, Chief Technology Officer, who has worked side-by-side with Brad since Day One. “But Brad’s definition of ‘family’ went far beyond that. He felt the only work worth doing is work you enjoy, and you might as well surround yourself with people who feel the same way. He created a family with our group.

“Brad extended that attitude to our many clients all over the world; they’re part of this family. I don’t know anyone he did business with that he wouldn’t consider a friend. He made business fun.”