Hearing Customer Voices –Dickeson

Here’s the Voice of the Customer as heard by a folding carton printer in St. Paul, MN. Mike Jorgensen, president of Impressions Inc., an ISO 9000 certified company, gave us permission to reproduce their checklist. Look at it first and then let’s talk about it.

A. Delivery requirements

1. Delivery timeline drawn and discussed

2. Physical restrictions

3. Hours of operation

4. Labeling requirements

5. Transport time required

6. Preferred delivery parties

7. Bill of lading

8. Pallet requirements

9. Packing requirements

10. Weight restrictions

11. “Attention to” identified

12. Special wrapping or secondary packing needs

B. Quality requirements

1. Customer’s audit system (ISO, Baldrige, Mil Std 105, Six Sigma)

2. Identify objects to match as standard

i. Computer monitor lasers, previously produced pieces, original images, check quality with customer before scanning

ii. Actual product

iii. CD or downloaded images

3. Branding requirements (available guidelines)

4. Corporate colors or logos

5. Delta E tolerances

6. Bar codes

7. Creative or design process understood

i. Agency or creative service, file formats, applications used, operating system

8. Special effects (HiFi color, blends, vignettes, metallics)

9. Hard copy provided (latest version)

10. File directory provided

11. Customer revision control procedures understood

12. Regulatory requirements

C. Counts

1. Customer demand signals

i. MRP, Kanban, JIT, supply chain, VMI, requisition

2. Identify control procedure

3. Over/under policy understood

4. Past order history

5. Discuss how batch count is made

6. Carton or packing lots required

D. Service requirements

1. Customer’s proofing cycle understood

i. Time needed to evaluate proof

ii. All individuals responsible for proof evaluation identified

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