Handful of Newspaper Presses for DNA Shop

DENVER—The Denver Newspaper Agency (DNA) has placed an order for five new MAN Roland Geoman newspaper presses, for installation within the next two years.

DNA prints Colorado’s two largest dailies, the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News. The installation is part of DNA’s consolidation into one production facility. Also integrated into the workflow will be a MAN Roland AUROSYS automated reel handling system.

The printing plant for the Denver Post will be phased out under the consolidated production plan. The Rocky Mountain News’ printing facility is slated to become the sole production hub by the end of 2007.

Parts of both papers have been printed from both facilities since the formation of a joint operating agreement in 2001. Under that agreement, the DNA provides all printing, distribution, advertising and marketing, and business services for both papers, which remain editorially separate and competitive.

The DNA, which is consolidating production of Colorado’s two largest dailies into one plant, has ordered five new Geoman web presses.

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