GWG’s Cross-Media Survey Highlights the Importance of a Suitable Workflow

More about the Cross Media Subcommittee
The GWG Cross Media subcommittee has been established to review the use of technology to determine if new specifications/standards, best practices, and/or use of other formats (XML, PDF, ePub) are needed to guarantee quality and accuracy control of cross media files as they proceed through creation, processing, exchange and output workflows. The subcommittee co-chairs are Bart Van Looy, Sanoma Media, Belgium; and Erwin Danis, Roularta Media.

About the GWG
The Ghent Workgroup, formed in June 2002, is an international assembly of industry associations and suppliers from across Europe and the United States. Its objective is to establish and disseminate process specifications for best practices in graphic arts workflows.

Source: GWG.