Gravure Assn. of America and PLGA Global to Merge

ROCHESTER, NY—Nov. 8, 2012—Following unanimous votes of support from the boards of Gravure Assn. of America (GAA) and Packaging and Label Gravure Assn. Global (PLGA Global), it was agreed to move forward with plans to establish a new merged organization to better serve the needs of the entire gravure industry across the Americas. This decision was the result of months of review, discussion and consideration by both boards.

Stephen Young, Chairman of GAA, and Annette Crampton, President of PLGA Global, confirmed the unanimous support of both boards, which look forward to what the merger will mean to the gravure industry as a whole.

“The value proposition for all members will be significant,” said Young. “Through our enlarged conferences and seminars, we can continue to share and learn best practices for our mutual benefit. Working together, we can get back to our roots of the development and growth of gravure technology.”

“The time was right to pool our resources for the benefit of the entire gravure industry across the Americas,” added Crampton. “By taking a dynamic management approach and focusing on the needs of the membership, the new association will deliver high-value resources and services designed to help move our industry forward.”

Bill Martin, president and CEO of GAA stated, “The consolidation of the two associations not only meets our industry needs but also provides members and our educational resource centers better support, services, events, expanded training, educational programs and technical resources. There will be effectively one trade association for gravure for the entire hemisphere with the power and leverage to advocate, promote and educate all gravure market segments. It is the right thing to do for all the right reasons.”

The GAA and PLGA Global boards also named Philip Pimlott, executive director of PLGA Global, to lead the merger effort and oversee all aspects of the transition into the new association.