Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly Hosts Three-day Workshop

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA—February 18, 2014—Research teaches us that specialization often is one of the keys to success. Industry marketing leader Steven Schnoll and distinguished faculty members at Cal Poly will share their vertical market knowledge with a practical “how-to” approach in a three-day workshop entitled, “Grow Your Business with Vertical Niche Marketing.” The workshop will be held March 26-28, at the Graphic Communication Institute at Cal Poly (GrCI) in San Luis Obispo, CA. The first in a series, the workshop will focus on retail stores, travel and leisure companies, and nonprofit organizations. This engaging and interactive program is limited to 20 participants, to maximize the personalized instruction.

Attendees will take away the structure for a business plan for immediate implementation. “There is no reason why commercial printers and other graphic communication service providers cannot specialize to serve the printing needs of these three niche markets,” said Harvey Levenson, director of the GrCI. “They all rely on an enormous amount of printing, supported by non-print digital applications.”

Graphic communication service providers already have the infrastructure and technology to serve these needs, but not necessarily the know-how. This workshop will fill that gap and show how to optimize unused human and equipment capacity. The workshop is designed to review cross-media options competing for attention. It then offers suggestions and ideas that business partners can offer enterprise marketers, leading them through the new digital media production options—big data, variable data, printing, QR codes, near field communication, radio frequency identification (RFID), augmented reality, Web design, mobile apps, digital asset management, and more.

“Marketers are often uninformed or confused about what will be most appealing and relevant for their respective present and prospective target audiences,” Schnoll relayed. “The workshop will provide the skills and vertical marketplace insights to engage senior executives with meaningful suggestions and offer a wide variety of cross-media options to help win a customer’s confidence, acquire the business, and successfully partner with the customer using long-term solutions.”

Levenson also noted “Participants will also learn how to introduce ‘new media’ to their product offerings for the three vertical niche markets addressed. These niche markets are huge, with thousands of companies serving local, regional and national audiences. Attendees will learn how to enter these markets as service providers.”

Schnoll added, “Marketers are seeking partners that can analyze their specific challenges and assist in formulating an action plan to achieve results. Research has shown that the majority of end-users want to work with service providers that understand their specific business needs.”

This workshop will address those needs. Grow Your Business with Vertical Niche Marketing is designed for graphic communication service providers, including printers, publishers, packaging companies, advertising agencies, marketing firms, graphic designers, website developers, Internet publishers and social media users.

For information on attending this limited-enrollment workshop, visit: or contact: Lyndee Sing, manager, at GrCI (805) 756-2645 Links—Graphic Communication Institute:—Graphic Communication Department:

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About Steven Schnoll and Schnoll Media Consulting
Steven Schnoll, prominent business management thought leader, lecturer and writer, is the managing director in the consulting firm of Schnoll Media Consulting. Steven has had notable experience in the past several years assisting a wide array of for profit and non-profit institutions manage growth through the use of innovative data driven marketing techniques.

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