Gietz AG to have Combined Booth for Divisions #IPEX

Gietz will be sharing a booth at IPEX with Gietz Company Dietlikon (HTF Erecting and gluing machines), Gietz AG (Foil Stamping Presses) and Insight Graphics (Die Coordinator, which will be on display in the booth).

Gietz HTF conical tray erectors are specifically designed as a high speed erector for solid fiber and micro-flute corrugated boxes and trays. Along with servo drive (e-drive) they have developed “Quick Change” fixed towers. The fixed towers are locked up with 4-screws making the change very fast. All the bending fingers and in case of clamshell trays, all the swords will be fitted onto the delivery tower.

Along with the new “Quick Change” feature Gietz HTF features a vacuum assisted feeder adding the ability to positively separate blanks held together due to the die cutting process. Originally available only in two streams it is now available in three stream models.

With three ways to do clamshell (Hamburger) trays; pre-folding, sword or the new “Twin Sword”. You can choose the right production technique for the most output.

The pre-folding system allows very high productions speeds of up to 11,000 trays / hour per stream. This system is best when you have very large orders for one product and when you do not have to set up for new jobs very often.

The system with the twin swords reaches speeds of up to 9,000 trays / hour per stream and allows you to produce long Sandwich trays. The change over time from a standard tray to a clamshell tray is much shorter then with the pre-folding system.

The system with large swords allows speeds of up to 6,000 trays / hour per stream. This system may be best when running difficult products, for example octagonal clamshell trays.


Although Gietz will not be displaying any equipment on the floor at IPEX there will be representatives from the factory to answer any questions. They will have the latest literature and videos of the new FSA 1060 Foil Commander and the NEW ECO variant. The ECO was developed for companies with smaller print runs and multiple job change-overs.