How to Get More Social on

Printing Impressions/ has implemented new website social media tools that offer visitors the ability to connect with us and each other by utilizing social network accounts. These new features make it easer to share content and add Comments, as well as “react” to stories and blogs—all with just a click or two of a mouse.


Along with adding the capability to register a Thumbs-up (Agree) or Thumbs-down (Disagree) reaction to any content item, the “Share and Reactions Bar” that brackets all content also simplifies sharing of content on popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Enhancements include auto-generation of shortened URLs and simultaneous sharing to multiple networks for easier posting.


The upgraded Comment function at the bottom of each story and blog now features the ability to login using a social media account, in which case the Comment will be immediately posted to the web page. Since the identity of the poster is being verified and displayed, this should help ensure such Comments are legitimate and kept professional. However, there is a “Flag” function available at the lower left of every Comment to express concerns about unsuitable content or language.

Posting as a “Guest” will mean the Comment is still subject to approval by the editorial team prior to posting on the page, in order to weed out any spam or unprofessional content.

Posters can also elect to “Reply” directly to any existing Comment, as well as the original story or blog itself.

RecentThe “Recent Activity” panel located along on the right-hand side of web pages displays a live feed of all visitor activity—Sharing, Commenting, Reacting, etc.—on in the “Everyone” tab. Signed-in users can see a running record of their actions (Me tab) on the site, as well as those of their social media connections (Friends tab).