Fujifilm and GFI Continue ‘Spot Color’ Bus Tour

VALHALLA, NY—January 22, 2009—“Fujifilm Graphic Systems U.S.A., Inc. and GFI Innovations, Inc. continue to crisscross the country as they take their “Spot Colors at Your Fingertips” Bus Tour directly to printers and demonstrate GFI’s unique Mx6 Ink Formulation Dispenser.

The tour, which kicked off last September, has visited more than 200 printers throughout the country and several hundred more are planned. The “Spot Color at Your Fingertips” tour illustrates to printers how they can save up to 40 percent on spot color ink costs and successfully create their own PANTONE PMS colors in-house. The bus tour includes two busses—one touring east of the Mississippi River and one touring west—and comes directly to the printer’s location, meaning printers simply have to step outside their door to speak to one of Fujifilm’s pressroom specialists and get a live demonstration of the Mx Series dispenser, mixer and new MxP-1 Proofer.

“This tour has been extremely successful in helping us introduce these products and in demonstrating just how much of an impact these systems have on an operation’s bottom line,” explained Mike Borne, Fujifilm’s vice president of pressroom sales. “We’re expecting a busy schedule in 2009 and are encouraging printers to book a stop now.”

The Mx6 ink formulation dispensers offer extremely accurate blending of standard and custom colors. They have 18 dispensing stations and have a wide variety of options, including a bar code reader, connectivity to a spectrophotometer and an easy transition from one family of bases to another. The system is compatible with conventional sheetfed inks (both coatable and non-coatable) as well as with UV, hybrid, forms and web inks that have suitable colorant databases.

“We’ve installed more than 150 systems, and 90% of those customers saw a live demo at one time or another,” added John Borkovec, GFI’s director of sales and marketing. “Simply put, there isn’t a better way for us to show how our equipment can help save printers money than by bringing it right to them. We did a similar traveling demo when we first introduced the technology, however, it didn“’s come close to the quality of this tour with Fujifilm. The relationship has been great between our companies. We’re excited about continuing again in 2009.”

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