Fry Communications Adds Océ CS665 Pro to Help Grow its Color Personalization Business

TRUMBULL, CT—October 29, 2009—Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, today announced that direct marketing leader Fry Communications ( has expanded its color personalization capabilities with Océ digital printing. Fry Communications helps companies maximize return on their direct marketing efforts. Clients include financial institutions, insurance companies, not-for-profit associations and fundraisers, advertising agencies and direct marketers, publishers, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations.

“Customers rely on Fry to deliver excellence in printing, distribution and information for their marketing campaigns. We meet that commitment through a combination of the latest technology and our professional expertise, so clients reach target audiences faster and more effectively. The quality and reliability of Océ digital print technology has helped us enhance clients’ efforts with color and variable data,” said David P. Colatriano, General Manager, FryDIRECT, the direct marketing division of Fry Communications.

The Pennsylvania-based company has built a production platform for personalized communications using Océ digital printing, including the Océ CS665 Pro color system and the Océ VarioPrint 6160 duplex system. With these resources, Fry offers customers both quality color and duplex printing for variable data communications.

“We can increase the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns by harnessing the power of digital color printing. Variable graphics, customized images, and personalized messages help clients’ pieces stand out in the hands of the target audience,” said Colatriano. Once marketing objectives are defined, Fry combines data and other relevant prospect information to create a customized message that takes full advantage of the power of the digital printing process. The result is increased response rates, better customer relationships, and a lasting impression on target prospects.

“Highly personalized color is one of fastest growing segments in our market. We are moving forward with more color business because customers are requesting it. The Océ CS665 Pro handles our current needs and gives us reliability to grow. It was a good first step, and feedback has been positive. As the personalization business expands, the Océ printing platform will grow along with us. Proven technology from Océ improves our productivity, quality and service levels, and aligning with one supplier gives us a comfort level,” Colatriano noted.

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