Freeport Press has Second Komori Web Press Up and Running

Freeport Press’ pressroom with second Komori web press installed. (Double click to enlarge.)

Freeport Press’ pressroom before installation began.

FREEPORT, OH—March 17, 2011—Freeport Press, one of America’s leading web offset printing companies, has completed the installation of its second new Komori System 38 web offset printing press in the past two and a half years. It took only 36 days from the arrival of the first components to the first commercial print run.

“We’re excited to be able to offer our clients the outstanding print quality these presses deliver,” saud David P. Pilcher, vice president of sales and marketing. “And we’re particularly proud of our ability to expand both our operation and our client base during an economy like this one. More and more publishers have come to see us as their best choice in tough times.”

A short-run powerhouse, the new press has web, folder and ink key presets, and is equipped with automatic plate changers, folder changeover, roll handling and roll loading, as well as a fully automated press delivery system from Rima-Systems. And Quad Tech’s Instrument Flight provides fully integrated closed-loop color control, ensuring superior color reproduction.

“We’re now operating two—out of a total of eight—Komori System 38s series web presses in North America,” added James Pilcher, vice president of manufacturing. “For short-run production of publications and catalogs, these are the most advanced heatset web offset presses in the world. And with the ability to run them singly or in tandem, we’re looking at an outstanding increase in our overall productivity.”

About Freeport Press Inc.

Founded in 1880, Freeport Press Inc. is a leader in the production of niche publications and catalogs. Through continued investment in state-of the art technology and the development of our employees, systems and facilities, Freeport Press is focused on being North America’s most efficient manufacturer of high-quality short-run publications and catalogs. For more information, visit us at

Source: company release.

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