Flash Reproductions Acquires MGI Meteor DP60 PRO Press from KBR

Left to right: Karl Belafi Jr., vice president of sales at KBR Graphics; David Gallant, vice president at Flash Reproductions; and Rich Pauptit, president of Flash Reproductions surround the new MGI Meteor DP60 PRO.

“Quality is key for us,” says Pauptit. “We were seeking a digital press that brought something unbeatable to the table. The Meteor provides image quality that is second to none. It suits us quite well. We’ve been able to integrate it into our workflow and we’ve promoted one of our skilled offset press operators to the Meteor.”

Another key decision in purchasing the MGI Meteor DP60 PRO is its ability to print on a variety of non-traditional substrates such as plastic, polyester, polycarbonate, polypropylene, PET, vinyl, synthetics, styrene, vinyl/static cling, canvas, and magnets.

“We print on a lot of synthetic plastics,” says Pauptit. “We took our substrates to be tested on all of the digital presses. The Meteor’s competitors could not print on our substrates. That was a defining moment. It was important that the Meteor printed on so many different substrates. It opens up new markets for us and gives us new options. We can go to our customers and offer them new abilities. It’s a big deal.”

One of Flash’s large customers provides back-lit signage for the Toronto Transit Commission subway service. The new Meteor digital press will allow Flash to capture that business due to its ability to print short-run jobs on synthetic plastic that fits into the 11.5×34˝ lightbox on the subway.

“No other digital press can do this except our Meteor,” says Pauptit. “In the past, they’ve had these jobs printed using a different, but much more expensive, method.”

Flash Reproductions prides itself on being environmentally-friendly and embodies that reputation by being FSC certified and Rainforest Alliance certified. Flash runs on electricity from low-impact wind and hydro facilities, which create far less pollution than conventional, non-renewable energy sources. Its recycling practices include a waste-recovery program that saves more than 1.5 million tons of recyclable materials from North American landfills every year. The new Meteor press contributes to these practices.

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