FineEye Color to Demonstrate New CRM at GRAPH EXPO 

GRAND RAPIDS, MI—09/27/2010—FineEye Color Solutions announced today it has been named the exclusive worldwide distributor for the Voglesong COLORef® 1.0, a new ISO-compliant and NIST-traceable Color CRM (Certified Reference Material) used to verify the performance of spectrophotometers, colorimeters and densitometers that are used for color measurement throughout the print production process. The new CRM, readable by a full range of scanning and point measurement devices, offers the same color characteristics, precision and durability as the BCRA (British Ceramic Research Association) Ceramic Tile Set, yet Voglesong COLORef will cost only $300.

GRAPH EXPO visitors can get a firsthand demonstration of Voglesong COLORef 1.0 in booth 124 at Chicago’s McCormick Place, reports John Sweeney, Vice President, Business Development for Grand Rapids, MI-based FineEye Color Solutions. The four-day show takes place October 3-6.

“This is a must-have verification tool for every print operation today,” declares Sweeney. “Spectrophotometers are ubiquitous—in prepress, proofing, the ink room, and the pressroom—and, most importantly, in the hands of customers deciding whether or not your job conforms to their color standards. The trouble is, different devices from different makers and even different models from the same manufacturer often don’t agree! Which device is right and how do you know?

NIST-traceable and ISO compliant

“That’s what Voglesong COLORef instrument verification is all about,” Sweeney continues. “It can be easily read by scanning, strip-reading and hand-held spectrophotometers, and will tell you which ones are accurate, which require recalibration or, perhaps, should be upgraded or replaced. Device accuracy and repeatability are the keys.”

Why trust COLORef? “Its CRM values are traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology),” Sweeney points out. “The specific methodology for putting spectral data on it complies with ISO Standard 15790-2004, so those COLORef numbers are accurate and guaranteed. It’s not only accurate, it is very stable and durable, as well as portable. The proprietary Voglesong COLORef composition precisely mimics the robustness of British Ceramic Research Association (BCRA) tile sets, but in a far more convenient configuration — and at less than 1/10th the cost — which also makes it a highly affordable validation tool for multiple, remote locations.”