Fey Rebrands, Opts to Use Printing in Its Name

WISCONSIN RAPIDS, WI—Nov. 8, 2010—For nearly eight decades, the Fey Publishing Co. name has been recognized throughout central Wisconsin, and across the United States for distinctive business printing services. Responding to changing market needs, the company has announced that it will change its name to Fey Printing Co. to better reflect its broad range of printing services.

When Manny Fey purchased the W.F Huffman Printing Co. in 1932, it was renamed Fey Publishing Co. The name remained unchanged for 78 years. At the company’s inception in the 1930s, Fey Publishing was a small local print shop. It was very common for printing companies to be known as “publishers.”

Over the years, as the company’s service offerings have expanded, book and magazine publishing becoming a very small portion of the company’s overall business.

“Even though our name change from Fey Publishing to Fey Printing seems like a minor adjustment, it signals a core shift in how our business printing customers will come to know and understand our company,” says company President Scott Gasch. “In this internet age, our name change will allow a much larger global market of potential customers to be introduced to our printing services. The majority of businesses today use the internet to search for viable business vendors. Our name change to Fey Printing Company will increase the likelihood that companies in search of a printing partner will be able to find us online.”

In addition to a name change, Fey Printing has also unveiled the design of the company’s new brand logo. The previous logo design had been in use for more than 50 years, virtually unchanged over the decades. The new company logo combines classic elements of the original logo with a contemporary new design concept, visually signaling the company’s progressive approach to business.

“Change is a constant in business, as in life,” says Donald Gasch, chairman. “We wanted to update our brand image, while remaining loyal to our history and our roots. Our new logo accomplishes that goal, and provides us with a fresh, visually engaging new brand, resonant of our proud past,” says Gasch.