Everest Group Acquires Expresscopy

PORTLAND—May 12, 2011—Everest Group announced the purchase of Expresscopy, an on-demand printing and high-tech digital marketing company specializing in direct mail, advertising and postcard marketing. Over 400,000 salespeople and small businesses rely on Expresscopy for their turnkey marketing solution.

Everest Group’s Chairman Vinod Gupta said, “It (Expresscopy) will be a great complement to our sister company Database101. It will allow Database101 customers to buy sales leads and send postcards in a seamless process. Same way, hundreds of thousands of customers of Expresscopy will be able to buy sales leads from Database101 and send postcards with the same seamless process.”

Database101 is the largest warehouse of business and consumer sales leads. Expresscopy’s customers can access hundreds of databases through this partnership.

The two companies share a common goal in providing customers with high-tech innovative sales solutions to millions of sales people and small business owners.

“We are also looking for a similar e-mail marketing company to add to our suite of products,” said Gupta.

Source: Everest Group.