EskoArtwork to Show Clear Choice 3D Solution at GRAPH EXPO

One of the featured options available within Studio is EskoArtwork’s Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves, the recipient of a 2011 Printing Industries of America InterTech(TM) Technology Award. Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves creates artwork for shrink sleeves (labels placed around a package or packages and shrunk around them during production). Designing and printing shrink sleeves is difficult, complex and labor-intensive process, involving a number of trial and error steps to get the design right, resulting in long lead times. With Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves, designers and prepress professionals can quickly create, test, analyze, communicate and produce designs with 3D visuals, without the need to conduct physical test runs.

Suite 10: Complete prepress solution
Automation is becoming an extremely important determinant of print provider profitability. Automation could be adding simple trapping programs to the prepress department, introducing advanced, 3D design software, or building full-fledged, sophisticated prepress production automation. In this economy, any way of increasing capacity without increasing resources is beneficial—along with reduced errors and waste.

EskoArtwork’s Suite 10 is a software solution for packaging prepress, 3D structural design and quality assurance, collaboration and automation, and color management. Visitors can follow demonstrations of the Automation Engine 10 and editor applications: ArtPro 10, PackEdge 10, DeskPack 10, ArtiosCAD 10 and Studio 10. Automation Engine 10 adds capabilities to the automation of repetitive tasks and takes more human interaction out of prepress production. This avoids mistakes and saves considerable time and money.

i-cut Suite production software for digital printing and finishing

In the business of signs and displays, creativity generally breeds opportunities for more, higher-margin jobs. Typically, print providers who offer only two-dimensional displays can be caught bidding on projects that are more and more commoditized. These projects are often won on price, and the ’winner’ is caught working on marginally profitable projects. Three-dimensional projects offer an entirely new world of possibilities for print buyers, and help the print provider to differentiate himself on creativity.

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