Escher-Grad Technologies Inc. is Target of Web Fraud

MONTREAL–June 2, 2005–Escher-Grad Technologies today reported it is a victim of slanderous and libellous web fraud. The domain name (WITHOUT a hyphen between escher and grad), which does NOT belong to Escher-Grad Technologies, is displaying slanderous information implying Escher-Grad is out of business.

To the contrary, Escher-Grad Technologies is very much in business and is increasing market share with the Cobalt series of violet CTP systems, has added 32,000 sq ft of manufacturing space and is actively recruiting at all levels.

A variation of web phishing, this fraudulent website is representing itself as Escher-Grad Technologies in an attempt to discredit Escher-Grad Technologies and is nothing but sheer extortion on behalf of the party in possession of this website domain name. Parties involved cannot be named due to the legal proceedings in progress.

Escher-Grad Technologies maintains its corporate website at (WITH a hyphen between escher and grad).

Escher-Grad expects this issue to be resolved shortly but is advising people not to complete any on-line forms or provide any personal or corporate information via any e-mail address found on or received from this website. Any information being captured by this website is being done under false pretences and its ultimate use is unknown. Fraudulent e-mail addresses will be (WITHOUT a hyphen between escher and grad).

For more information, please contact:

Linda Coburn

Marketing Communications Manager

Escher-Grad Technologies Inc.

Tel: (514) 636-3195, ext. 130

Fax: (514) 636-5664


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