eSA Solutions Makes a Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

CLIFTON, NJ—A new agreement announced today commits eSA, the digital technology subsidiary of Sandy Alexander, to purchase 130 metric tons of certified carbon offsets. The commitment matches eSA’s carbon dioxide equivalent emissions associated with central heating, their company owned vehicle fleet and employees’ travel, making eSA one of the first digital printers in New Jersey to commit to carbon neutrality. The certified carbon offsets will be supplied by wind energy marketer and developer Community Energy.

“We’re proud to step up as a leader in our industry, and to do our part for the environment. Our employees value the commitment we have made to be part of the climate change solution. It’s pleasing to know that in addition to reducing our environmental impact through 100% renewable wind-generated electricity, and the offering of recycled papers, and papers from sustainable forests that we can decrease our carbon footprint even further with carbon offsets. We are proud to take this important next step and purchase offsets which advance more wind farm development in the U.S.,” said Cheryl Kahanec, Executive Vice President of eSA Solutions.

eSA Solutions first made a commitment to renewable energy through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates to match the company’s grid-connected electricity use. Now, through the purchase of 130 metric tons of Community Carbon Offsets, eSA is balancing their carbon dioxide equivalent emissions to net zero. The Carbon Offsets used to match the indirect and direct emissions associated with company activities, like business travel and heating fuel, are certified by the Green-e® Climate program and generated by U.S. based wind farms. The impact of this commitment is equivalent to planting 117 acres of trees or not driving more than 300,000 miles.

“Sandy Alexander’s long term objective is to have no net increase in greenhouse gases from the existence of the total company. However, as a clearly defined first step, we are starting with eSA Solutions – our digital technology division. Carbon neutrality of eSA Solutions represents only a portion of our overall effort to reduce our corporate carbon footprint.” stated Mike Graff President of Sandy Alexander.

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