Deserving a Fresh Start —Cagle

One buyer familiar with the ongoing saga, upon reading the report, put it in plain, simple terms when he said, “That is cruel! They are doing everything they can to kill (Quebecor World). How do you counter that with your current customers and prospects?”

Quebecor World has done a yeoman’s job of adding new jobs and extending existing pacts in the midst of the bankruptcy period. A few have been lost, or may go elsewhere, so what does it say to other print buyers when a stepbrother says it’s considering going elsewhere for practical reasons? If your parent company doesn’t have faith in you, why would another print buyer? The answer: The buyers are smarter than that and know where the true blame lies.

Quebecor World deserves a fresh start, on its own and away from Quebecor Inc. It has some talented people at the local level, and solid group leaders like Doron Grosman and Kevin Clarke. But most observers agree that the company has been a victim of poor management from the mother ship; the revolving door that has been the top position at Quebecor World, resembling the New York Yankees’ managerial post in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Thousands of good, hard-working people need this reorganization to go smoothly. There’s no reason for Quebecor Inc. to undermine what the printing arm is trying to accomplish, especially at such a delicate juncture in its existence. It’s already been made clear that Quebecor Inc. doesn’t want to be associated with World and is asking for the name to be dropped.

It says here that the sooner Quebecor World can disassociate itself from Quebecor Inc., the faster it can embark on a brighter future. When you’re trying to get back on your feet, the last thing you need is a stab in the back.

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