Election Year May Slow Pace

The 110th Congress is in its second session. Congressional leaders anticipate passing many pieces of legislation during this session. However, presidential election years do not typically see the passage of as many major bills as non-election years due to the polarized environment. Thus, even though expectations have been lowered as to the number of bills that may be passed, Congress will still deal with hundreds of pieces of legislation that could affect the way you do business.

PIA/GATF will continue to push forward its advocacy agenda and keep members alerted about upcoming bills. Debate will continue over the best way to fix the Alternative Minimum Tax, and both Houses are expected to cover expansive global warming legislation.

Some legislation, such as the S-MINER Act, which concerns issuing regulations without public comment, doesn’t impact membership, but could influence future OSHA-related legislation.

Government Affairs will continue to monitor all relevant legislation. For more information on these or other political issues relevant to the printing industry, visit www.gain.net .

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