Landa Corp., EFI Strike Partnership Agreement

Guy Gecht, CEO of EFI, and Benny Landa, Chairman and CEO of Landa Corp., conclude their strategic agreement for Landa's new high-performance DFE powered by EFI Fiery technology.

With the new DFE, Landa Nanographic printing presses will integrate into a printer’s existing prepress, production, business management workflow and finishing equipment. The Landa DFE touts consistency, accuracy and compliance to leading color standards. It promises high-speed, variable-data printing on any off-the-shelf B1 format (41″) substrate.

As with current EFI Fiery platforms, the new DFE will integrate with EFI’s MIS/ERP systems, as well as with other third-party prepress and workflow platforms, for streamlined job management and processing.

The Fiery DFE technology EFI is developing for Landa will use scalable, robust systems offering the processing power needed to drive large volumes of offset-quality digital images, including personalized/variable-data content.

The new Landa DFE will enter beta testing as part of the beta installations of the B1 (41″) format Landa S10 Nanographic printing press slated for Q4 of this year.

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