EFI Introduces Next-Generation Fiery Command WorkStation

With significant enhancements gained directly from customer input, CWS5 has been tailored to the unique needs of the production print market, from quick and commercial print providers to corporate reprographic departments, enabling them to produce quality documents reliably and expand services by easily handling higher profit, complex job requirements.

“We’ve counted on Fiery Command WorkStation as our job management solution for 10 years. The new look and more intuitive commands make the tool we’ve relied on most in our business even more productive than before,” said Amy Moran, owner of Alphagraphics Chicago. “Our current employees quickly adapted to the new layout, and we anticipate less training time for new hires.”

In addition to Fiery CWS5, EFI has introduced the Fiery SeeQuence Suite, an optional set of make-ready software tools, comprised of document composition and imposition functions that simplify and automate labor intensive document preparation tasks via an intuitive interface. Fiery SeeQuence Impose and Fiery SeeQuence Compose work independently or in a tightly integrated workflow through Fiery CWS, allowing operators to accurately set-up jobs and soft-proof.

Powerful Version 5 Enhancements
The new features of Fiery CWS5 are intuitive and flexible, continuing to make operators more productive. The state-of-the-art UI design is focused on the print operator experience and now boasts a streamlined workspace. “At-a-glance” information has also been added to the UI to display the status of the engine, jobs and consumables. Now users can access information about the resources available for a given job faster and more clearly, improving productivity by reducing unnecessary trips to the print engine to check status on paper and consumables.

Unique to Fiery, a new drag & drop functionality allows an operator to drag a file from their desktop directly to the print queue, greatly reducing the number of steps in the production workflow. Other productivity enhancing features include a customizable icon tool bar and dramatically improved job previews that enable the user to visualize the output at all of the document’s assembly stages before printing, reducing mistakes and waste, and saving valuable time. With the new Fiery SeeQuence Suite option, the job preview feature honors ticketing-level decisions like complex imposition and make-ready, with a fast display and with a consistent user interface.

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