EDITOR’S notebook

45 Years and Counting!

This issue marks the 45th anniversary of this—I guess I can now say venerable—industry publication. Despite the fact that there was already an overcrowded field of some 17 other magazines, Irvin Borowsky launched Printing Impressions in June of 1958 as a tabloid newspaper (see inset), coincidentally the same month that I would celebrate my first birthday. The former printing company owner, publisher of a regional television listings guide (Borowsky sold his product to TV Guide founder Walter Annenberg in ’53) and graphic arts equipment dealer felt that none of them effectively focused on managing a successful printing operation. While some of the companies we wrote about and advertisers that supported the publication over the years have not survived, Printing Impressions has flourised by staying true to its original mission.

Despite the importance of technology, printing remains a people business. As such, faithful readers know that pictures of leading industry executives, as illustrated by this month’s feature on Lake County Press, grace most of our covers—and have done so even well before I was named editor in 1985, after three years of serving as an editor on other North American Publishing Co. printing-related titles. We’re also known, I believe, for our extensive news coverage and ability to write about sometimes technical content in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. And, I hope you’ll agree, that we serve as a conduit of information, striving to objectively report what paths various printers are taking. After all, we all know that there are many roads to success, so what may be effective for one operation may not make sense for another.

Having been associated with the publication for that long of time, which is rare in trade publishing circles and in American business in general, my job has become more to me than just a paycheck. In fact, sometimes people will ask how I avoid suffering from burnout covering the same industry for 21 years. My response: It’s always changing, plus every issue that our editorial staff prepares is different from the previous, allowing for creativity. Anyone with a passion for what they do for a career can relate.

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