ECRM Founder Dr. William F. Schreiber Passes Away

Throughout the period when he was an active member of the MIT faculty, Dr. Schreiber maintained a consulting practice in his fields of expertise, and served as an expert witness in several patent legislation cases. He leaves behind a wife, two sons, a daughter, the thousands of students he helped mold, and possibly millions who were influenced by the technologies that he helped develop.

President and CEO Rick Black Quote

“2009 marked ECRM’s 40th year of service to the business communications industry and thousands of our customers which span the globe. Yet none of it would have become possible without the direct involvement of Dr. Schreiber. His passion and tireless dedication to electrical engineering and digital communications have elevated theories to concepts, and concepts to realities. We will never fully appreciate the impact Dr. Schreiber has had on the technological advancements realized in the last 50 years. And his influence is further appreciated in the tens of thousands of colleagues, educators, and students who will carry forth his teachings and ideas for decades to come. We’ve all benefitted from Dr. Schreiber’s work and yet we will never fully understand and appreciate how much.”

About ECRM

ECRM Imaging Systems is a global leader in imaging technologies for the graphic communications industry. For nearly four decades ECRM has successfully applied a broad range of optical, imaging, laser, and digital-electronic technologies to meet the business needs of its customers. Today, ECRM is the patented flatbed violet laser-imaging technology leader. The Massachusetts-based company has sold and supported more than 5,000 computer-to-plate devices and over 27,000 imagesetters in 110 countries around the world. ECRM’s Tewksbury, MA facility is ISO 9001:2000 certified and is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in research and development, design, manufacturing, service, and support. For more information, go to