Content Critical Debuts After Acquiring Assets

CARLSTADT, NJ—Content Critical, a new technology-enabled document outsourcing company, announced it has acquired certain assets of two New York-area companies—Global Document Solutions and Astoria Graphics—and is assuming immediate responsibility for servicing their customers.

“To our customers, we pledge there will be a seamless transition and no interruption in the projects now in process,” said Fred Van Alstyne, president and CEO, Content Critical. “We are excited to be offering expanded state-of-the-art services to businesses across the country.”

Content Critical has a pair of financial backers—private equity firm FTV Capital and Keltic Financial. The new company has more than 200 employees.

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  • http://InterestedParty Interested Party

    I truly hope this investment of $ 2,200,000+ dollars pans out better than the original investment since FTV bought GDS for close to 50 million dollars back in 2004. Unfortunately for the people they bought it from, they did not honor their commitment to pay them in full. The analogy can be made that they are at a blackjack table, losing their shirts and doubling down. I hope they have enough carfare to get home.

  • Guest

    Here is a question I have for Content Critical-
    Why would you have your your customers make payment to a third party for all your invoices?

  • Really

    Guest: How do you know this?. Do you work at this company? Do these payments include advance postage?

  • guest

    I just called my contact to ask about this, he is no longer at this company. Their clients should call the main number and ask to speak to their representative about this if they are still there. They might be surprised to find out that their point of contact is no longer employed at Content Critical.