Direct Mail Outlook: Rolling with the Punches

Top 5 Direct Mail Printers for 2009.

“The creation of IMCS has led to new revenue streams and enhanced relationships with both current clients and prospects,” he remarks. “Worldcolor’s ability to integrate marketing messages across multiple channels into cohesive programs has not only built new print opportunities, but also provided new income streams. The IMCS program has introduced new products to the marketplace at a rapid pace, including such popular solutions as net.driver and store.driver.”

Worldcolor has worked closely with its clients to optimize postage savings, as well as maximize the relevance and return on investment for each marketing campaign. Bogle notes Worldcolor’s ability to track the results of each campaign as a core value.

Though the recession was more arduous in 2009 than in the preceding year, Bogle sees many of the same challenges confronting the direct mail sector as the calendar turns to 2010. “The pressures and challenges of rapidly changing market conditions and a difficult economy mean that market intelligence and fresh ideas are assets that our customers value more than ever,” he says.

Windy City printing giant RR Donnelley has enjoyed much success through its CustomPoint Web portal, some modules of which are aimed at multi-agent, multi-branch companies that seek to generate highly customized trigger direct mail programs. The portal enables users to access and select mailing lists; upload and use their own lists; select appropriate formats, copy, offers and design elements; and launch automated on-demand production of these targeted campaigns.

According to Dan Thornton, president of RR Donnelley’s Response Marketing Services, the CustomPoint suite removes the burden of assembling all of the resources required to create and execute direct mail, while accelerating the marketing initiative.

To augment the multi-channel 
efforts, RR Donnelley also offers personalized URL (PURL) marketing as part of the CustomPoint suite of services.

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