Direct Mail Outlook — Getting Personal

New Revenue Streams

In 2002, Quebecor World focused its initiatives on cross-marketing direct mail products and services to existing customers within other market segments. “As many customers look to leverage their volume and consolidate their internal print procurement and print management processes, Quebecor World’s diverse offering is a natural choice,” Paloian remarks. “In addition to the wide range of printed products available, our Logistics and Mail List Technology initiatives continue to find favor with our direct mail clients and support new revenue growth.”

To enable customers to minimize costs and maximize revenues, Quebecor World concentrated its efforts on supply chain management issues, including premedia, paper procurement, printing and distribution. “Our diverse equipment base allows us to provide manufacturing plans optimized to meet both cost and schedule requirements. At the same time, unique product formats and levels of personalization continue to be developed to provide a cost-effective means to drive revenue,” Paloian notes.

Another tool the print giant recently launched is Response-Link, a new electronic marketing tool that works in conjunction with PLANET bar coding, allowing direct marketers to alert customers and prospects to special offers that will be arriving in their mail.

Naturally, the most effective way for Quebecor World, and its clients, to reap significant profits in the coming year is to witness a marked improvement in the U.S. economy. Paloian points out that this would encourage direct marketers to increase investment in their direct mail programs. “There is little doubt that the more complex packages, with high levels of personalization, result in improved response rates. But, in soft economies, the total dollar spent is often cut back, making it difficult for some direct mailers to embrace the technology,” he says.

Without a reasonable improvement in the economy, Paloian feels those mailers who are best positioned will be those with the ability to best utilize customer and prospect data to create effective, targeted programs. “Direct mail continues to be a successful component of branding initiatives, and branding initiatives continue to be vital to many companies’ total marketing programs.”

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