DIGITAL digest 12/00

PI: How much of GATF’s research efforts currently are focused in the digital arena?

Scott: GATF has several labs dedicated to specific material testing services, but it also has a number of experts on hand to perform research in the digital arena. It conducts two or three research projects per year—usually in conjunction with the Tech Alert conference—on emerging digital equipment and workflow issues. The original research studies being presented at this year’s Tech Alert will focus on digital cameras and computer-to-press.

For Tech Alert, and GATF’s research efforts as a whole, I’m suggesting we divide our work into thirds.

One-third would be devoted to looking at new and emerging technologies. This includes developments that are already in the marketplace, and what is coming down the road. We would try to answer the question, “Out of all the things that get announced, which are the new promising technologies?”

The second third would be focused on technologies that actually have been commercialized, including the experiences of companies that are starting to use them. This would be fairly comprehensive research that looks into several issues. Does the technology achieve the quality required? Does it have an ROI?

The final third would be taking a look at leading-edge technologies after they have an established track record in the industry. Are they meeting their expectations?

PI: What opportunities do printers have to benefit from the research work done by your department?

Scott: Printers can purchase many of our studies, or attend events such as Tech Alert or our Color Management Conference to hear about what technologies are available, what’s on the horizon and which ones may best suit their needs.

Beyond that, anyone interested in learning how our research and testing services can apply to their business should visit Select “PIA/GATF” from the main menu and click the “GATF Research, Testing and Lab Services” link.

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