BELTSVILLE, MD—Todd Allan Printing installed a Trueflow PDF-based workflow solution from Screen (USA). The company upgraded its prepress capabilities in response to its clientele’s growing color demands, including use of extra colors, says Dave Stallone, CEO. (

SAN MATEO, CA—Enfocus Software says its Certified PDF technology is going to be integrated into the next release of Heidelberg’s Image-Smart Document Mastering workflow application for the Digimaster 9110 printing system. The PDF-based system will support Certified PDF as part of the SmartBoard plug-in. (

WHITES CREEK, TN—CRT Custom Products has been able to at least double its per-shift plate production with the installation of a Fujifilm Javelin thermal platesetter, reports Wayne Maniscalco, vice president of sales and marketing. “Now we produce between 70 and 80 plates per shift,” he notes. The commercial printing operation has a staff of 100. (

GENT, BELGIUM—Esko-Graphics has instituted a three-year warranty on the FreeBeam lasers for its PlateDriver CTP systems. This imaging module integrates an adjustable 30mW diode laser and associated optics. The manufacturer says it is fully backing violet imaging and asserts that the technology offers the best business case for commercial and packaging printers. (

EXTON, PA—At Apple Press, equipment plays a huge part in its ability to “provide higher quality than the average ‘value’ shop and better value than the high-priced shop,” says Gary Gehman, president. The commercial printer’s most recent investment was in a Screen (USA) PlateRite 8000 eight-up thermal platesetter driven by the Trueflow PDF workflow system. (

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