Dem Group Wants eTextbooks in Schools

WASHINGTON, DC—Educational textbook printers had to cringe earlier this week when the Democratic Leadership Council—described by The New York Times as a left-leaning think tank—published a proposal on its Website that envisions giving electronic reading devices to every student nationwide.

The study, titled “A Kindle in Every Backpack: A Proposal for eTextbooks in American Schools,” argues that the government should furnish students with electronic readers, allowing textbooks to be easily distributed and updated, according to the newspaper. Such a move, the study contends, would also allow teachers to craft an interactive curriculum suited for the digital age.

This “paper” proposes a year-long pilot program that, if successful, would put an electronic reader in the hands of all students within four years. The project is estimated to cost roughly $9 billion more than what is required to purchase printed texts, according to the Times.

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  • http://JeffWilliamson Jeff Williamson

    You have got to be kidding me. They waste so much money. Get ready for a tax hike. Get Ready!

  • http://BobTauber Bob Tauber

    An eventual transition to digital textbooks is inevitable but doing this now and with a very short time-line to implement, is a crazy idea. <br />
    <br />
    First, the federal government is already spending about 1 Trillion more than we are taking in. State governments are in a similar boat, California in particular. Implementing now just puts us that much further in debt. <br />
    <br />
    Secondly, this will put more American Workers, (printers, paper mills, etc.) out of work. With these devices being manufactured overseas, ultimately, the money "invested" will add to the flood of cash already exiting the US and further deplete tax revenues. How much cash do people think we can siphon off the US economy before it completely collapses? <br />
    <br />
    Lastly, there will be major cost over-runs. School Children are not exactly responsible stewards of these types of devices. As it is, a kid looses a book which is large, difficult to mis-place and VERY durable, he looses 1 book. The same kid mis- places /damages/breaks his e-reader, which is small, light, easily mis-placed and a much bigger threat for being stolen, he looses ALL of his books. While proponants say the parents will be held responsible, what happens if (when) the parents can’t cover the replacement costs? The dwindling pool of taxpayers will once again be holding the bag!

  • http://DanGilmore Dan Gilmore

    These are the same tree huggers behind the propoganda campaigns against the paper industry. I’m surprised Matt Damon or some other Hollywood idiot hasn’t come out and endorsed this as being the "green" thing to do. At least the GPO will get a jolt when printing the $9 billion more this is going to cost. That’s about the only way this administration is helping the printing industry.