Delta Printing Solutions — A Best Kept Secret

Pictured here, from the left, are Matt Keller, Delta’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, and Tony Richardson, president and CEO.

“We proactively manage our capacity so we have the ability to scale and flex as customer requirements dictate,” points out Matt Keller, vice president of sales. “That’s part of our organization’s DNA. It’s how we do business and is the value we create for our customers.”

Delivering product in a timely fashion and providing good service is a top priority for Delta. “It’s our ability to provide both very well that makes us unique,” contends Bernstein. “There aren’t many companies on the West Coast that can do this.”

Book manufacturing is most commonly associated with the Midwest and, to a lesser extent, the East Coast, mainly because California is viewed as being too expensive and too heavily regulated. Constraints such as space, labor costs and a remote customer base are all reasons why the West Coast book manufacturing industry has lagged behind the rest of the country. Obviously, the folks at Delta Printing think there’s opportunity in overcoming challenges.

“Transportation is a huge cost variable in this business,” says Keller. “Our proximity to West Coast drop points gives us a leg up on the national book manufacturers, since we can supply the West and Southwest more competitively from our location.”

For example, El Paso, TX, is a key shipping point for the Southwest and Mexico, but for printers in the Midwest and on the East Coast, it’s a long haul by truck. Products routinely take up to seven days for common carrier delivery, so shipping time from the Northeast sometimes ends up being longer than the total time it takes for Delta to turn around the entire project.

The printer began making changes in its management team last year that included rebuilding the sales force to match its business strategy. Tony Richardson, Delta’s president/CEO, says things are starting to “gel” for the Los Angeles County company.

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