Defender, U.S. Dealer for Home Security Brand ADT, and InnerWorkings Announce Direct Mail Partnership

CHICAGO—May 29, 2014—InnerWorkings Inc., a leading global marketing supply chain company, announced that it signed a new marketing management agreement with Defender, the leading U.S. dealer for home security brand ADT.

InnerWorkings will collaborate with Defender to develop and deploy highly segmented direct marketing materials across the Defender national footprint.

“InnerWorkings provided the best scalable solution for national marketing distribution,” said Brad Cumings, chief marketing officer for Defender. “Their deep domain expertise in direct mail consultation and creative execution will enable us to optimize our time-to-market, visibility and brand performance.”

Additionally, as part of the partnership, InnerWorkings will provide onsite resources to work cohesively with Defender’s marketing team. InnerWorkings also will manage United States Postal Service compliance for Defender to ensure program-wide optimization.

“This partnership will continue to strengthen Defender’s commitment to innovation in segmentation marketing,” added Brian Gillespie, vice president of enterprise accounts for InnerWorkings. “We look forward to leveraging our suite of capabilities to bring their brand to market better, faster and at the lowest possible cost.”

About InnerWorkings Inc.

InnerWorkings Inc. (NASDAQ: INWK) is a leading marketing execution firm serving Fortune 500 brands across a wide range of industries. As a comprehensive outsourced enterprise solution, the company leverages proprietary technology, an extensive supplier network and deep domain expertise to streamline the production of branded materials and retail experiences across geographies and formats. InnerWorkings is based in Chicago, employs approximately 1,500 individuals, and maintains 67 global offices in 30 countries. Among the many industries InnerWorkings serves are: retail, financial services, hospitality, consumer packaged goods, not-for-profits, healthcare, food and beverage, broadcasting and cable, and transportation.

Source: InnerWorkings.

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  • A previous Innnerworkings vend

    Yeah…that’s all well and fine. I’ve seen InnerWorkings making all of these "big deals." lately. However, I know for a fact they string their vendors who really do all the work out for 90 – 120 – 180 days and then still expect early pay discounts and a rebate "kickback" at the end of their year up to 3% of the gross sales. By the time they beat up their vendor base for pricing then string them out on terms with the additional added "rebate" the vendor doesn’t make anything and has to be their bank. I personally told them we didn’t want to do business with them anymore because of it. It wasn’t worth signing "their contract". They even wanted full disclosure of employee personnel files, which was an unbelievable requirement of their contract and would not change the terms of the "so called Partner agreement". I really wonder how many vendors actually read the fine print. In 25 years in this business I have never seen anything like it nor do I ever want to again. These are the type of companies that force hard working companies to go out of business only to go prey on other vendors. There is no loyalty.