Daniels Installs a Xerox Color 800 Digital Press from Fujifilm

VALHALLA, NY—May 21, 2012—The Daniels Group has added a new Xerox Color 800 digital color press from Fujifilm to its already impressive lineup of commercial printing equipment. The Xerox 800 offers optional clear dry ink to apply spot or flood creative effects to print jobs. The Daniels Group calls this special feature “Frost.”

Since opening its doors in 1948, The Daniels Group has helped customers achieve and often exceed their marketing objectives. Today, the company continues to grow and add services as new technologies improve its ability to communicate customers’ messages in the most creative and cost-effective ways. “If we don’t do it, someone else will,” said David Reeves, president.

The Xerox 800 replaced the company’s first digital printing press, originally purchased from a Fujifilm competitor in 2001. Tom Brennan, director of operations, saw that “it was time for a change. Our original digital press was due for replacement and we wanted more—more productivity, more capability and more exciting features to offer our customers.”

Brennan and Reeves had specific ideas about where they wanted their next digital press to take the company, new business opportunities they wanted to explore and areas for expansion.

“We met with our Fujifilm Digital Solutions Specialist to discuss our growth options,” Brennan relates.

Soon after, Brennan and Reeves paid a visit to the Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division Demo Center in Hanover Park, IL. When Brennan and Reeves saw the demo center, they realized that Fujifilm had everything they needed to support the printer’s business needs and goals.

“We are a Fujifilm shop, and when we saw how much more Fujifilm had to offer, not just with the Xerox 800, but also with the ability to service all of our conventional press needs as well, we decided to keep it all under one roof,” Reeves said. “Fujifilm understands our business and our growth goals, and it can provide a full suite of solutions, something our original press provider could not do.”

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