Crye-Leike, Realtors Automates Marketing with QuantumDigital’s TriggerMarketing

Crye-Leike, Realtors Implements QuantumDigital's TriggerMarketing for Direct Marketing —PI News

AUSTIN, TX—July 21, 2010—QuantumDigital, Inc., an online service provider for direct mail, on-demand digital printing and eMarketing solutions, announced today that Crye-Leike, Realtors has launched TriggerMarketing, QuantumDigital’s automated neighborhood marketing program, in support of its agents.

According to Keith Sullivan, Crye-Leike, Realtors Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, “TriggerMarketing enhances our agents’ ability to quickly and effectively market properties in the surrounding area. By turning over these mailings to QuantumDigital, our agents can focus on what they do best—real estate, mortgage, title and insurance.”

After 32 years of producing collateral internally for its 3,500 plus real estate force, Crye-Leike partnered with QuantumDigital last year to enhance their direct marketing capabilities. TriggerMarketing is the latest initiative to help streamline Crye-Leike agents’ marketing efforts and make them more effective.

When a Crye-Leike agent receives a new listing, TriggerMarketing will automatically send an email message to the real estate professional’s internet-enabled mobile device which prompts him or her to initiate distribution of personalized direct mail pieces to the surrounding area or neighborhood, via QuantumDigital.

The mailings will alert other potential customers in the neighborhood of the new listing and provide information about the property. “In today’s real estate environment, our sales associates are having to work much harder and smarter on every single real estate transaction. By using QuantumDigital’s turnkey solution, prospects are notified of the new listing automatically and immediately, without requiring the agent to go back to their desk to initiate the mailing,” continued Sullivan. “This will enhance the overall marketing and lead generation experience and ultimately increase productivity and profit for our agents.”

QuantumDigital is focused on truly understanding the needs of the industry, educating brokers and agents on best practices, and developing marketing tools that offer results. Specializing in streamlining direct marketing campaigns, QuantumDigital’s real estate lead-generation marketing programs combine targeted, data-driven direct mail, email marketing and on-demand print collateral with new technology so agents can be more effective with their local prospecting and marketing efforts and ultimately get more leads.

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