#Ipex: C.P. Bourg to Mark 50th Anniversary, Introduce Two Finishing Solutions

C.P. Bourg S.A. launches new BCM sheet preparation module
C.P. Bourg s.a. is using Ipex as the European launch for their new BCMe sheet preparation module. Designed for using in-line with high-volume color printers such as Xerox’s iGen4 and with Bourg’s own BSF high-speed sheet feeder, the BCMe incorporates a number of unique features.

“It is a fact that many digitally printed sheets need to be creased before folding to prevent toner cracking,”, says Bourg’s marketing manager Eric Le Moine “but it is also a fact that customers investing in high-speed digital presses cannot afford to slow down the process to accommodate slow finishing devices. Our unique rotary creasing form allows the positioning of the crease on the sheet within the most demanding high tolerances, without stopping the sheet.” High grade optical detectors combined with smart electronics read the lead edge of the sheets as they pass through the system and activate the rotary creaser to perform a crisp crease that is operator adjustable for depth. In the same process, up to 25mm of bleed trim can be performed on each edge of the sheet.

Another unique feature is that the Bourg BCMe is designed to accept the largest (364mm x 571mm) sheet size printable on high-volume flat sheet color digital presses. “We see a lot of requests for A4 landscape booklets” says Bourg’s Mr Le Moine. “With the BCMe we can now offer this, both in-line with the printers or as part of a near-line solution with our BSF sheet feeders.

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